Toddlers to teens will enjoy all we have to offer here at the Southern Museum of Flight,
from playplaces to High Flying Birthday parties, not to mention some of the finest historical exhibits on Southern aviation!

Little Pilots Playroom:

Indoors, air-conditioned,
Ample seating for parents

Five Flight Simulators:

Right next to the Playroom (12 yrs and up)

Aviation Hangar:

Real airplane for kids to climb in, open classroom with toys and plenty of seating

Ready Room:

Bring a lunch and eat indoors with vending and seating

Picnic tables:

Bring a lunch and eat outside in the shadow of an F-4 Phantom Jet!

Museum Gift Shop:

Something affordable for every budget

Let their imagination run wild.

Our Little Pilots Playroom

It is air-conditioned with plenty of toys, an indoor mini playground, and ample seating for parents to relax and watch the kids play. They can get in a real aircraft and move the controls to learn about how airplanes fly and maneuver, or just pretend to fly wherever their imagination takes them!

The Experimental Aviation Association (EAA)

classroom is the perfect spot for parents to comfortably monitor children while in the General Aviation Hangar. The EAA classroom has sets of Legos, Kinex and Mega Bloks for the young pilot, engineer or aircraft designer.

Gift Shop

Check out the gift shop for aviation related gifts and models, flight jackets and other aviation memorabilia. With lots of fun things for our younger customers, too, we have something for everyone on any budget!

Dear Moms and Dads

Moms and Dads, we want you to know that our Museum is a great destination for you and your family. We are open Tues thru Sat, (closed most holidays), and we have great facilities for you to spend the day in a relaxed atmosphere. With a very affordable family membership, you and your family can enjoy the Museum year round!

Lunch under the Phantom F-4 Jet

Lunchtime? Bring your favorite lunch and eat in our Ready Room on rainy days or whenever, and if the weather is nice, enjoy your meal in the shadow of a real F4 Phantom jet at our outdoor picnic tables. Outdoors, you’ll also see the Banks Jet now beautifully restored, with a monument to Banks High School graduates soon to be completed.

Teens and ‘Tweens (12 and up)

ill enjoy trying their hand on our Flight Simulators. Our staff includes experienced flight instructors who can provide the right tips to help your aspiring aviators get the most out of these virtual cockpits. Pilots, real and virtual alike, use these computer programs every day to review flight procedures and sharpen their scan. Are you and your family up for the challenge?

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