Congratulations to the scholarship winners, we look forward to having you join us.

We are so thankful for our sponsors that helped make our 2018 Summer Camp Scholarships possible! We are very excited and know you will have an amazing camp experience! Thank you to everyone who participated and entered a submission.


Join UAB Engineering & Physics Professors, as well as our Flight Instructors, as we explore the exciting world of chemistry, rockets, lasers and robots! Working in teams, students will engage in code breaking, physics experiments, and real-world design scenarios that will culminate in a friendly competition on the last day of the camp.

Scientific Explorers Camp is a summer camp for middle school students interested in science, engineering, chemistry and having fun! All Students will need a lab notebook for recording their experiments, and it will serve as a keep sake for the end of the camp. Camp T-shirts, eye protection goggles, gloves & snacks are included.


AGES: 10- 14yrs

TIME: 8:45 am- 4:00 pm

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: $375 SMOF members, $425 Non-Members (due by 5.26.18)

LATEE REGISTRATION: $425 SMOF members, $475 Non-Members (after 5.26.18)

DAILY SCHEDULE: 8:45am­-9:00am: Student drop­off // 9:00am­-4:00pm: Camp Activities // 4:00pm­-4:15pm: Student pick­up


“Adventurers” will explore the history, science and technology behind the exciting field of Aviation! Campers will learn about Leonardo Di Vinci’s first experiments in flight, the Wright Brothers’ success in powered flight, and the modern challenges facing the various fields of commercial, military, private, and corporate aviation. Campers will learn fundamental instrumentation along with scientific laws of basic aerodynamic and aircraft construction.
Each day students will be able to receive hands-on experiences that include field trips to the: Birmingham Airport Authority, Birmingham Flight Center, Private and Corporate Hangers, 117th Air National Guard, Quad Copter lessons and demonstrations.

This camp also includes time on a full-motion flight simulator! Camp T-shirts & snacks included.


AGES: 8-13 yrs

TIME: 8:45 am- 3:30 pm

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION $325 SMOF members, $375 Non-Members (due by 6.23.18)

LATE REGISTRATION$375 SMOF members, $425 Non-Members (after 6.23.18)

DAILY SCHEDULE 8:30am­-8:45am: Student drop­off // 8:45am­-3:30pm: Camp Activities // 3:30pm­-3:45pm: Student pick­up