School (Full Title & County)*
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Phone Number *
Requested Date (or dates) of Field Trip *
If you give us a range of dates with a preference, we will book you (at no obligation) and send you an email confirmation per our availability. If you give one or just a few dates which are not available we will contact you to get you on our calendar on an available date.
What grades are your students? Select as many as apply *
What grades are your students? Select as many as apply *
Approximately how many students would you like to bring? *
Give us your best guess and there is no problem if the numbers change. We know that teachers need flexibility, and there is no obligation to the number you input. This info will simply help us to plan for your visit. Our limiting factor is seating for 30 students in the Flight Sim Lab (remember that students must be 2nd grade or above for the Lab). If you are bringing more than about 60 students, you may consider visiting over multiple days. Always feel free to contact us if you have questions.
Would you like a guided tour for your students? Please choose one below *
While you may opt for a self guided tour, we highly recommend a guided tour, it is educational and engaging and our tour guides are experienced aviators, historians or both!
Would you like your students to do a Hands-On Activity? *
Hands-On Activities reinforce the STEM principles discussed throughout the guided tour. They are a great way to extend learning for your students and of course they're heaps of fun too...
Would you like your students to learn to fly in the Flight Sim Lab? *
A great add on for an additional $7 per student, this 1.5 hour course extends your classroom to a full day of learning and fun here at our Museum. Check with us for discounts on this program if you "Bring a Busload" to the Museum!
Would you like to bring and eat a sack lunch here during your visit? *
Teachers, we have great indoor and outdoor facilities to eat lunch no matter the weather. This is a nice option if you decide to add a Flight Simulator Lab to your Guided Tour or if you simply want to spend a bit more time in our museum. If you prefer, you can coordinate delivery of lunches to the Museum. For an additional cost per student, we can arrange lunch catering. Contact us for catering, but the Sack lunch is usually the best option for your students.
Comments: Feel free to add any other info or special requests here.
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